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I’m an artist and a life long learner. I’m an educator and a mentor to young visual thinkers. I am currently working and teaching at Wesley Chapel High School with a brilliant and talented staff and an outstanding and creative bunch of students. My goal in life is to live in the moment, understanding and absorbing all that each situation has to offer. This starts with a concentrated focus on all those who I teach, listening, feeling, critiquing, and synthesizing what they have to say and what they want to express to the society we live in. Mentoring young artists gives me an ever-changing perspective on things, which is always fresh and exciting.

I’ve taught art & design for the past 25 years in the Tampa Bay area from middle school through to college and am Florida State certified. I have also coordinated fine art activities, lectures, and workshops for various local museums and galleries, such as, The Tampa Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, and The Morean Arts Center.

I have a BA in Fine Arts from Stetson University and a MA in Art Education from The University of South Florida.

The places I enjoy most are Key West, Florida, Asheville, North Carolina, and San Francisco, California for their open, relaxed, cultured, and welcoming atmospheres.

My Art usually takes on a figurative structure and is led by bright color and texture. The works are a study of contrast, complements, surface quality, and scale. I like the characters from old horror movies, Saturday morning cartoons, and the extreme POP figures we see in the news. I enjoy the use of sketchbooks and graphite drawing to start the inquiry process, which soon turns to acrylic paint and later clay to capture a three dimensional creature. I spin them into my own style by repurposing parade beads, buttons, light bulbs, bottle caps, chicken wire, and seashells, as aspects of their features. I think everyone has a nice side, but it is often tarnished from work, stress, economic status, and no free time. My goal is to reveal that nice side of even the most gruesome creatures and most of all to have fun.

I’m a strong believer in gaining knowledge and insights from various sources and follow the guidance of scholars: Hiroshi Yoshii, David Sedaris, Howard Gardner, Aaron Koblin, Jeff Soto, Chuck Close, Bob Marley, Tim Burton, and Harry Crews.

I sell my own artwork out of The Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, along with exhibiting in various regional shows. I’m also happy to create unique works by request for special occasions/individuals.

“Be nice, slow down, and enjoying family and friends are the top three things on my list…I don’t go on vacation, I want my whole life to be one big vacation”.

Live Life, Wade Slater

1324 Lake Como Dr. Lutz, Florida 33558

813-220-3190 cell

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